Dessert Battle: North America VS South America

Raise you flag, we are having a Dessert face-off between North America and South America!

6 desserts 2 continents, which one do you think should take the number one spot?

Without further ado let us bring in the first set of contestants…

1. The North American ‘Key Lime Pie’ VS The South American ‘Dulce de Batata’

  Key lime pie

photo copy 3

Place of origin: United States (Florida)

Main ingredients: Lime juice, egg yolks, condensed milk (sweetened), and pie shell

Background: The name of the pie comes from the place ‘Florida Keys’ where key limes are found in huge quantities.

 Dulce de Batata

photo copy 2

Place of origin: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Main ingredients: sweet potato, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla

 Background: It has the consistency of a jelly. It is very popular in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay because of the widely growing sweet potato in those areas.

2. The South American Picarones VS The North American Red Velvet Cake


photo copy

Place of origin: Peru

Main ingredients: Sweet potato, chancaca syrup (a syrup made especially for Picarones)

Background: Created during the colonial period, people started using traditional ingridients to make another dessert called Bunuelos but accidentaly created the dolce de batata with those ingredients.

Red Velvet Cake

photo copy 5

Place of origin: United Stated

Main ingredients : cocoa, red food colouring, flour, buttermilk, butter, vanilla, cookie dough, cream cheese

Background: Dates back to the second world war where food were rationed. Chefs used to use beetroot to enhance the colour of their cakes to serve a Texas based company, from their on it was brought to kitchens across America.

3.  The North American Chocolate Brownie VS The South American Brigadeiro

                                                                                                                              Chocolate Brownie

photo copy 4

Place of origin: United States (Chicago, Illinos)

 Main ingredients: Flour, butter, eggs, cocoa, powder and sugar

 Background: Bertha Palmer an American business woman requested a Chef to make cakes for the event she was hosting, she told him to make it smaller than a piece of cake still retaining cake like characteristics. Thus the Brownie was born.



Place of origin: Brazil

 Main ingredients: Chocolate powder, butter and condensed milk

Background: This dessert got its name from the famous brazillian politician Brigadier Eduardo Gomes. While he was running for presidency his wife used to make Brigadeiro for fund raising events to help his political party. From then on whenever there used to be an event people used to ask for her brigadeiro’s.

Which dessert did you like the most?? Give your comments below! Stay tuned for the next post we are going to Finland and The Philipines.



  1. My mouth is watering! These all look delicious. Sugar filled blog, i love it. x

  2. I’m sorry but because of the diversity in our Cuisine got to give it to American Baby! But gosh this makes me want to that Brigadeiro.

  3. I love this battle. I think my problem is that I haven’t eaten the south american desserts so my mouth waters when I see cheesecake (my childhood favourite for birthday cake), red velvet cake (because I love beetroot being used as a food colouring) and brownies (because that’s what I want to eat right now!). The others look really interesting but don’t have the same mouth-watering association. I know you cooked the Brigadeiro… maybe when you post the recipe I could have a go making my own. Nicola

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