Valentines Day Special: Luxury Chocolates

Valentines day is one occasion that makes February exciting, Love it or hate it Valentines day is hard to avoid! In the early weeks of February you will come across pink hearts, balloons, chocolates, jewelry and romantic comedies.

Long gone are the days where Valentines was just celebrated between spouses and couples, now Valentines day is celebrated to show how much you care for those around you, that includes you family and friends.

Finding the perfect gift can be a tough task! One thing I know which can be a perfect gift not just for your Valentine but for everyone on the list is……Chocolate. Finding the perfect Chocolate is as difficult as finding the perfect diamond ring, you have to look at what it’s made of, its brand and price.

This blog reveals the best and oldest chocolates that scream luxury and High-end, it is a perfect gift to give in style.

  1. LINDT


Place of origin: Switzerland (1845)

Assortment : Dark, Milk, White, Caramel and Nut

Price: £1.29- £50.00


Place of origin: Italy (1982)

Assortment: Almond, Pistachio, Coconut, Lemon, Hazelnut, and Dark, Milk

Price: £2.99- £50.00


Place of origin: Belgium (1926)

Assortment: Dark and Milk

Price: £6.00- £84.50


Place of Origin: Lebanon (1974)

Assortment: Orange, Cotton candy, peanut butter, cheesecake, Nuts etc.

Price: £13.42 – £128


Place of Origin: France (1922)

Assortment: Dark and Milk

Price: £3.95- £60.00

How yummy do all of them look?! Have a great time celebrating Valentines day and see you in the next blog I’m going to get some chocolates now!

*Photos uploaded do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated



  1. A.K.

    I looove Ferrero Rocher)) never knew they did lemon and coconut flavoured ones. xx

  2. Thumbs up for Ferrero! 🙂 The Patchi ones look delicious too but they are Marron glacé’s, right?

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