Food Art ; Fine art or Cultural Dessert?

George Bernard Shaw once said ”There is no sincerer love than the love for food”. In today’s blog we are going to explore just how much these 4 artist love food and their art.

Some people may regard food art as insane, I am not one of them I think food art is another level of creativity, as food itself is a form of art.

From foodscapes to biscuit buildings, there are times it is mouthwatering and other times stomach turning. Here are my personal pick for the top food artists from around the globe.

  1. Carl Warner

Nationality: British

Common materials used: Fish, Cheese, herbs, onions, potatoes, candy, broccoli trees

Official Website:

 The Onion Taj Mahal

Candy Cottage
 2. Song Dong

Nationality: Chinese

Common materials used: biscuits, caramel, fruit shortcakes

Official Website: no official page

Biscuit City 
     3. Jason Meicer
         Nationality: American
         Common materials used: Potato chips, beans, onions, pretzels, buns, noodles
         Official Page:
Kristi Yamaguchi 
                4. Dieter Roth
                     Nationality: Swiss
                     Common ingredients used: Chocolate, Banana, butter, sausages
                     Official Page:
ROTH 26519
Dieter Roth - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel- Werke in 20 Banden -1974
* Photos uploaded do not belong to me unless otherwise stated

One comment

  1. I love the last two artists you picked out. I’m just wondering if this is something I can do at home – but not too wastefully. Nicola

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