5 Of The Best Dessert Blogs at WordPress

As I am new to the blogging world in the WordPress community I rely on other bloggers for tips on improving my blog. I came across many dessert blogs but these are the top five dessert blogs that really stood out for me.

1. The Craving Chronicles

Link: http://cravingchronicles.com

I absolutely love the name of  this blog I think it’s really creative. I love the writing style of this blog it starts with a kind of a story and leads to the recipes and the directions of how to make the dessert. The pictures look great really makes you ‘crave’ for it.

2. Cake Stories by Rose Sen

Link: http://rosesen.wordpress.com

The name of this blog really suggests what the blog is about, it portrays amazing culinary skills and brilliant ideas. Really like how it has a story format the pictures are simply mouth-watering would definately come to them for a baking class.

3. Dinner and Dessert

Link: http://dinneranddessert.wordpress.com

One of my favorite blogs, sweet and simple easy to follow and understand, once again the pictures are fantastic would definitely try one of the recipes.

4. Boomtown Sisters

Link: http://boomtownsisters.com

Great layout of the blog, I really enjoy reading all the blogs. Love the ‘home-mde’ feel of the blog. Love the sub head-line ‘N0t reading the directions since 1976.’ Everyone loves home-made cooking.

5. Tootsweetconfectionery

Link: http://tootsweetsconfectionery.wordpress.com

As the sub headline suggest it ‘truly is a scrumptious blog’. Great set of pictures, entertaining events that showcases great desserts. Love the little competition they had called ‘Chocolate week competition’ hope to do that soon myself.



  1. A.K.

    All of the blogs are really good and the food there is just amazing xx
    Anastassia http://creativerussia.wordpress.com

  2. Great choices – there are so many people who love desserts! Nicola

  3. Thanks so much for the nod and the compliment!

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