‘The Harvest’ – Interview

Interview with Gema Pertiwi: Store manager of The Harvest – Indonesia

Let me start by introducing Harvest, ‘The Harvest’ is the first European pastry style shop to open in Indonesia. With a team of 1,200 and the continuous research and development of products not to forget the great service, has made it the best in the market.

The vision of this company is to serve quality products across Indonesia and build a corporation with highly disciplined work force.

After a few weeks of chatting through email, I have finally managed to get an interview with Gema Pertiwi (Store manager of The Harvest-Jakarta branch)

1)   What makes ‘The Harvest’ different from other pastry shops in Indonesia?

Our products are made differently, of course keeping in mind that it is the only European pastry shop in Indonesia so our ingredients, packaging and services are different, as we need to maintain the standard.

2)   How many branches are there in Indonesia?

We have 13 outlets in total, 11 in Jakarta, 1 in Surabaya and 1 in Bandung.

3)   Do European style pastries inspire all the products?

Most of them yes, but some of them if you see our website are influenced by local desserts such as ‘Lapis Legit plain’ or ‘Lapis Surabaya’ so in some of them we have added an Indonesian touch to it as our consumers are Indonesians.



4)   When I Visited the official website I saw a ‘Weekly quiz’ and ‘Promotions’ column, how does that help to increase customers?

Well, our weekly quiz is conducted based on how well do you know products of ‘The Harvest’ we give out prices to the winners and promotions shows which products are on sale we sometimes add what events are going on with us around Jakarta.

5)   What is the Survey column on the website?

Well it is a survey we do to get feedback from our customers, this is an important aspect to improve our quality in our products.

6)   There is an option of ordering online so the website is a fundamental part of the company, what do you do to maintain it?

We have hired website professionals to look out and maintain our website.

7)   Are the chefs all local chefs or some our International?

Many of them are Europeans, we have French and Italian chefs as the head chefs and our Local chefs as the assistants.

Link to the website: http://www.harvestcakes.com

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MTMk1qccMM


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